The COMPANY hereby rents to the RENTER the vehicle described on the front page hereof, subject to the terms and conditions contained herein and in consideration thereof, the RENTER acknowledges and agrees.

  1. To pay in accordance with the stipulations and computations contained in the front page hereof.

  2. That the RENTER will return said vehicle, together with all the original tires, tools, accessories and equipment to a COMPANY (FILCAR) station in the city where said vehicle was rented or as otherwise specified in the front page and on the front page, or sooner, up to the demand of the COMPANY.

  3. That the RENTER received said vehicle in good order and condition and acknowledges liability for the cost of petrol and oil, consumed during the rental duration.

  4. That sad vehicle shall not be operated in the following cases:

    1. To carry passengers or property for a consideration express or implied;
    2. By any person who has given to the COMPANY a fictitious name or false age or address;
    3. To propel or tow any vehicle or trailer;
    4. In motor sport events;
    5. To transport goods in violation of customs regulation or in any other illegal manner;
    6. By any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs; and further that the vehicle will be operated only by the RENTER or a duty qualified licensed driver, 25 years old and provided COMPANY's permission first be obtained by writing.

      1. Any employee or fellow employees of the RENTER in the course of such employee or fellow employee's regular and usual employment;
      2. Any member of the RENTER immediate family;

    7. By any other person unless COMPANY's permission first be obtained by writing.

  5. That the RENTER expressly acknowledges liability to pay the COMPANY upon demand:

    1. A kilometer charge computed at the rate specified covered by said vehicle during the term rental. (The number of kilometer over which said vehicle shall have been operated under this rental agreement shall be determined by reading the odometer installed by the manufacturer. If the odometer fails, the kilometer charge shall be made in accordance with the road map distance of the journey traveled);
    2. Time, collision, damage waiver and miscellaneous charges at the rate specified on the front page hereof, the RENTER's liability for such damage.
    3. All fines and court cost for parking, traffic of other legal violations assessed against said vehicle, renter or lesser during the term of this agreement except where it is cause through the fault of the COMPANY;
    4. COMPANY's cost to repair collision or upset damages to said vehicle irrespective of whether the RENTER is at fault or not; provided however, if said vehicle is operated in accordance with the terms, hereof, the RENTER's liability for such damage.

      1. Shall be limited to the first P7,000.00 cost of repair.
      2. Shall be waived if the RENTER had purchased in advance the collision damage waiver as evidenced by this initials in the space provided on the front page hereof, opposite the words "ACCEPTS".

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